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Hatching(2022)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Perfection. How far will someone go to achieve perfection? How far will they go to keep the ruse that everything is perfect? Hatching is an exploration of being the perfect family and having that balance upset with bloody results.

This is a Finnish horror about a girl who is dealing with an obsessive and overbearing mother. One day, a bird invades their home,and the mother kills it. Later the girl walks in the woods and finds the same bird injured and it also laid an egg. She takes the egg back to nurse it, and when it eventually hatches, she finds herself caring for something beyond human understanding.

As soon as the movie begins, you understanding the perfection the mother strives for is just for appearances only. So often, people portray themselves as one thing in public, yet beyond closed doors, it is a completely different matter. The mother is not only cruel, but she is unfaithful as well. She ropes her daughter into the act, even when the daughter had misgivings about lying to her father. Her mother demands much from her, maybe even too much. Nothing she does will be good enough, which she can plainly see.

The creature design in this one is stuff of nightmares. There’s some interesting developments when it comes to the creature and it’s connection to the girl. If you are familiar with the concept of Imprinting, that essentially is what is happening here, except it goes a bit further than that.

The horror is more so about the monstrosities that humans can be. The ending gets very bloody indeed with the mother being left to deal with the consequences of her own actions. She goes from being in complete control to having her life in absolute chaos. There is no such thing as perfection and to demand that is a farce in itself. Eventually, it shatters apart and the true balance as nature intended is restored.

I was most interested in this movie since it’s release was announced, and the themes it explored was most interesting indeed. Even though it may leave you with some nightmares, I highly suggest checking it out as it is available to rent on Amazon Prime and VOD. If you already seen Hatching, leave your thoughts below

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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