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Jakob’s Wife(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Jakob’s Wife is a story of a woman stuck in a failing marriage framed around vampires. When Anne has a chance encounter with a master vampire, she discovers afterwards that she has been bitten. Discovering her newfound sense of purpose as well as an insatiable hunger for blood, her husband Jakob must fight to get his wife back as well as battle for the sake of her soul.

Really what this movie is about is a view of what is like from the woman’s perspective to be in a marriage when you are expected to be subservient to the man. Her husband is a minister, so there are certain expectations as a wife. Even though she loves her husband, at the same time she detests everything about him. She is eager for an escape, and even has a hard time resisting temptation. That is the catalyst that starts the whole mess. The plot point of the movie is about a woman realizing she has power and control, and is no longer wanting to be chained down.

I do have one complaint about this movie with the fact it went overkill with the amount of gore. When the kills do happen, the victims are essentially gushing blood, to the point of absurdity. Too much of something can be a bad thing, and that was definitely the case here.

I did love the design of the master vampire as I felt it was a call back to the vampire in Nosferatu or the original Salem’s Lot TV movie. What really stood out was the androgynous nature of the vampire, which allows it to have a more mysterious nature to it. This was a vampire with a purpose, it even goes on to say as much, which is to help women realize their power. The movie ends with a renewal, except under different expectations in the future.

This was a wholesome vampire movie, and it proves that Barbara Crampton still got it. She turns in a remarkable titillating performance as the wife. If you enjoy vampire movies with a little bit of heart, then you should enjoy this one. If you already seen Jakob’s Wife, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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