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Mothman(2022)(Review)[Movie Premiere Monday]

I had the pleasure of previewing the latest independent film from Horror Dadz Productions, a found footage horror called Mothman. It recently had its world premiere at Mothman Festival 2022 this past weekend, and will have a wider release to come.

The plot is about a sister investigating the disappearance of her brother and ends up finding it connected to the legend of the Mothman.

As is common with found footage horror, the film is a slow burn as we watch the sister interviewing various people trying to get to the bottom of what exactly happened to her brother. Then it slowly creeps on you. Strange noises are heard. Camera glitches start happening. Visitations from mysterious people. The fear level starts slowly rising.

This is a movie that is more meant to have a psychological effect on the viewer. And it will. The various characters question their own sanity. Is what happened real? Or just a delusion? It just adds more to the mystery that is the Mothman. And the ending won’t give you much answers either. Stay tuned for a post credits scene as well.

As a horror fan, I was glad to get a first look at this film. It had that level of dread, and if you like those enigmatic found footage films, then you will love it too!

Follow the Mothman(2022) Official Group to get the first news of its official release to the public.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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