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Piggy(2022)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

We seen this scenario in horror movies before. An outcast getting relentlessly bullied and tormented. Showing the true horrifying fact that people can be cruel. They enjoy being cruel just because that is their nature. This is exact scenario in the Spanish horror Piggy.

The plot is about a teenaged girl named Sara who is constantly bullied and harassed because she is overweight. She has an incident at the pool with bullies, and she attracts the attention of a serial killer who is willing to kill to protect her.

This poor girl gets picked on the entire movie. The entire movie. It’s almost hard to watch. But what is also hard to watch is how a grown man grows obsession over her, and it’s something that she revels in. It’s pretty creepy with how it’s presented. Now it’s understand why she would allow this because she’s been alone her whole life. Her own parents are even cruel to her. So yeah, its understandable because for the first time in her life, she matters to someone. This girl goes so far to not even say anything about what he is doing to defend her honor. She is protecting him because someone actually cares for get. Even if it’s a pretty messed up situation.

The kills in this is pretty bloody, and everything leads to this very primal ending. A woman finally claiming her power. Now based on the poster which shows Sara standing in a bloody shirt, I am sure you may have drawn conclusions where the way the movie will end. I can say you can dispel those conclusions. It’s not going to end in the way you think. That’s all I am going to say.

I definitely enjoyed the film, but I will say it’s going to be a hard watch. The journey though I am sure will be very relatable. This one is currently streaming on Hulu. One word of caution is there is an option for Spanish and English dub, I would recommend the Spanish dub because the English dub is terrible.

If you already seen Piggy(2022), feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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