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Prisoners of the Ghostland(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Nicolas Cage continues the trend of starring in wacked out movies and Prisoners of the Ghostland may be his strangest role yet. Cage has said this is wildest movie he ever made, and this is very accurate.
The plot is about a ruthless bank robber who is given the task of rescuing the adopted granddaughter of a man known as The Governor. The bank robber is strapped with a bomb-laden suit and is given 5 days to complete his task or else face certain death.

The movie plays out like a surreal fever dream. If you are accustomed to Asian films like me, you know they are very visual. There’s a lot that happens on screen all at once and the average viewer will not be able to make sense of it all. Nick Cage is perfect in this setting as it fits his chaotic nature. He certainly seemed to relish the moment of uttering a line about testicles in his best Cage Rage moment of the movie. As the movie progresses towards the finale, and the villian reveals himself, the movie starts to make more sense despite the chaotic action sequences that happen. Cage ends the experience and gets to be the hero once again.

So if you been riding the train of recent Cage movies, there is no reason to disembark now. You have to admire his commitment to method acting, even if the movies don’t make much sense. Hopefully the ride won’t be over yet, and we can see more of him in future films. This film is currently streaming on Shudder if you want to check it out, just be prepared for a weird experience. If you already seen Prisoners of the Ghostland, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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