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Shadow in the Cloud(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

You may recall myths from World War Ii about anytime there was mechanical failures on a plane, it was due to gremlins. Except they are different from your garden variety Gremlins you know that come from Mogwais who eat after midnight. Shadow in the Cloud gives an idea just how different they could be.

The plot is about a female pilot who boards a B-17 plane on a secret mission. While on board, she discovers they been infiltrated by a gremlin. Her and rest of the crew must try to keep their wits about them as well as the plane to survive what may be their final mission alive.

Essentially the movie all happens from the female pilots POV, and right away, she is trapped in close space because no one trusts her. The rest of the characters interact by voice only for the most part. She’s the one who first discovers the creature, as well as spotting enemy planes. No one believes her due to fact of her suspicious nature and her claims of her reason for being there is confidential. She also has a package with her that she says the contents are confidential as well. They have every right to be suspicious especially when it is revealed the real reason she is there.

The creature design of the gremlin is pretty creepy as it resembles a vampiric bat creature. It has the ability to fly as well as having a prehensile tail. The crew has their hands full as it continues to sabotage the plan, and attacking them. Then it gets more complicated when enemy planes start swarming them as well.

It is a war movie as well as a horror movie, but mostly it is show women can be heroes too especially in an era where that wasn’t very common. In the end, it is the female pilot who saves everyone as well as her precious cargo.
A pretty entertaining film, and it has a very synthy soundtrack as well. If you like those horrors that offer something different, you might find this intriguing enough to check out. It is currently streaming on Hulu if you decide on it. If you already seen Shadow in the Cloud, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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