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Smile(2022)(Happy Halloween #14)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Never thought there would be a horror movie that would take an innocent act of smiling and make it the most creepiest thing ever, but here we are. There is a lot to unpack within Smile, so let’s dive in.

The plot is about Dr Rose Cotter who witnesses one of her patients commit suicide in a bizarre fashion. Afterwards she starts experiencing frightening occurrences she cannot explain and begins to realize she had been cursed. She must figure out a way to break the curse before she is claimed as it’s next victim.

There’s definitely some very creepy moments throughout the movie. On top of that, we are watching someone going through trauma of having a parent commit suicide, and then having that retriggered. Mostly, we are watching someone go insane from the experiences that are happening to them.

I did like how the film explored mental health issues within the frame of a supernatural horror movie. The experiences that happen can only be seen by the person who is cursed, and as you watch, they are left completely isolated which is exactly what this entity wants. But it does need a person to witness the final stage so it can pass on to the next person, and manipulates things so that can happen.

When we do see the demonic presence in its true form, it is a horrifying sight to see. There are some very gory moments and effective jump scares. There was a moment shown in the trailers, and even though I was expecting it, it still made me jump. But I also credit the sound design for that.

This film had an effective marketing campaign with plants in audiences of baseball games just standing with creepy smiles on their faces. In all, this film was very well done, and it is easy to see why it had a successful box office and mostly positive reviews.

It is currently playing in theaters if you want to check it out, and in my opinion, it is a perfect lead in to the Halloween horror season. If you already seen Smile, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, Happy Halloween and stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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