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Spiral Original Motion Picture Score Review[Musical Monday]

To further cement Spiral’s place in the Saw franchise timeline, Charlie Clouser returns to provide the score, and it is as grimey and claustrophobic as you would expect from a Saw music score.

Throughout the score, the songs provide a combination of quiet aggression, just building you up for the dread to come. And trust me, between the layers, there is lots of dread awaiting you. Take a listen to the song below for a small example of his artistic flair.

If you been following the Saw series thus far, and enjoy Clouser’s works as well as his contributions to the series, I don’t see any reason to turn away now. His score here doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel or anything, but it has enough to keep fans listening.

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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