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The Blob(1988)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Sometimes remakes can do an original film justice and that was the case with The Blob(1988). It updated the 1958 film and made everything more bloodier and more grotesque. I will not mince words that this version is very gory as you will see people being dissolved, people imploding from within, and limbs being melted off. It follows the plot of the original of a meteorite crashing on earth that contains a deadly organism that wreaks havoc on the citizens of a nearby town. The more it feeds, the bigger it gets, and it seems unstoppable. It does end up having one weakness however that the survivors exploit to defeat it.

A minor complaint about the movie, as amazing as it is, is that it gives The Blob a backstory of its origin. I felt it was unnecessary as we didn’t need an explanation of why the Blob was created. All we needed to know was fine as it was originally presented in the 1958 that it was a creature from outer space. The Blob was terrifying enough, we didn’t need the government conspiracy subplot. Just something that bothered me but not enough to detract from the quality of the film.

In all,, this is an amazing remake, and I highly recommend viewing it if you have yet to do. The most passionate horror fan will find lots to love in this one.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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