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The Breach(2022)(Review)

A film known as The Breach(2022) came up in my recommendations as it was described as being Lovecraftian. After viewing it, that is a very accurate description of this film. Also Slash from Gun of Roses is involved in it with being a producer and supplying the soundtrack, so that makes it even more cooler.

The story sees a small town sheriff on his last day before retirement when a mutilated body is discovered. He investigates a case that will have him questioning the unknown.

It’s when the case leads him to a literal house of horrors that will cause things to really ramp up. What happens from there that will remind you of Stranger Things, From Beyond, The Void, and even Annihilation at times. There’s a mysterious machine discovered that opens the gate into the unknown. The Lovecraftian vibes really start kicking in with gross body horror involved and people thought to be dead end up not being dead after all.

At the heart of it all is a man who tried to play God and messed with the natural order, conducting experiments that are not natural at all. When the reveal comes of the results of all this, it’s very unsettling. And that’s not even with the final scene that shows the true results of the chaos the machine has brought to the residents of the town.

This film tickled my fancy with the Lovecraftian bits and body horror that was displayed. I would say it’s one high up on my list of favorite films. Understandly it flew under everyone’s radar as not much promotion was done for it but I feel it will gain a cult following in time. If you like The Void then you will definitely enjoy this movie. If you want to check it out and yes you definitely should, it is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

If you already seen The Breach(2022), feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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