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The Ninth Gate(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

In the 90s, Johnny Depp was the hottest thing since sliced bread, and it was hard to find a movie that he wasn’t featured in. He was so versatile that he starred in a few horror movies, one of those being The Ninth Gate. He stars as a book connoisseur who is given the task of authenticating the last remaining copies of a satanic text called The Ninth Gate.
He find himself embroiled in a game that he doesn’t even realize he is participating in. The mysterious woman that keeps appearing does not help matters either. It is not a far reach to guess who the identity of the woman is even when she never gives her name.
I admit, the movie is a bit of a slog to get through as you watch Depp’s character track down the copies of the text. It feels like nothing is happening even though there are clues that something deeper is going on. The score of the movie is top notch however. The ending is a bit of a headscratcher to be frank.
Not the most exciting movie I admit, but if you don’t mind those slow burn thrillers, or just a big fan of Johnny Depp, this will be worth checking out.
Till next time, stay scared!
– Tha Thrilla –
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