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We Need To Do Something(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

The best way to describe the film We Need To Do Something is imagine Stephen King’s The Mist, except on a smaller scale.

The plot is about a very dysfunctional family who takes shelter in their bathroom during a violent storm, and end up trapped there after the storm passes. They have to face their own animosity as well as threats outside their walls.

Essentially, place a group of people in a small space, and watch the dynamite explode. It doesn’t take long, especially with the father constantly picking fights with everyone instead of trying to find a solution. Even though he is given ways of helping them out of the predicament, he doesn’t do anything to help them. There is brilliant set up that let’s the audience know the family are going to face more than just internal conflicts, and provides a nice little scare. You literally do not see it coming.

As far as what’s happening on the outside, we never get an answer to that. We do get a dreamy backstory thanks to the daughter that gives us a cause as to why things are happening. The ending will leave viewers feeling cheated as it just ends. I understand the director most likely wanted to leave things to the imagination, but it was a minor annoyance in this case. I even felt a bit gypped as my immediate reaction was “That’s it???”

Other than that, I enjoyed the film, it kept things going and there was times you were hanging at the edge of your seat. One little bit of trivia is Ozzy Osbourne has a small voice credit in the movie. It actually made me roll my eyes because in an earlier scene, one of the characters name checks Ozzy. The movie is worth checking out, and is currently streaming on Hulu if you wish to do so. If you already seen We Need To Do Something, leave your below!

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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