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Cradle of Filth – Crawling King Chaos(Official Music Video)(Review)[Musical Monday]

Recently, metal titans Cradle of Filth announced their 13th album Existence is Futile, which will release on October 22nd, and to give us a taste they released a new single called “Crawling King Chaos.”

The track is the epitome of what to expect from Cradle of Filth, and is as brutal as they come. Dani Filth has a prime performance, still showing his vocal range, and with the addition of orchestral flair fit for a king, this track simply will blow you away. The make up effects are amazing in the video, especially for the King Chaos demon.

I always have been and still remain a fan of Cradle of Filth’s work, and songs like this are an example why. It proves the band still has staying power, and I am very much look forward to the rest of the album

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla –

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