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Cradle of Filth – How Many Tears to Nurture A Rose(Official Music Video)(Review)[Musical Monday]

Cradle of Filth recently released a new video for their single “How Many Tears To Nurture A Rose” which is the gothic romance song from their album ‘Existence is Futile’. The video has all the elements of a horror movie as well as the dramatic presence of Dani Filth sporting some killer makeup.

The video shows two women, one in pure white, one in scarlet, who entwined by thorny branches. It seems to suggest the corruption of innocence as the scarlet women influenced by her demon brethern subjugate the women in white. Then it goes all Evil Dead as the scarlet woman spits black blood into the other women’s mouth. It’s pretty dark and horrific, and the song sounds like prime Cradle of Filth.

Check out the video for yourself, and if you haven’t already, you should listen to the rest of the album which is available on all platforms

Till next time, stay scared
-Tha Thrilla

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