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Hell on Earth at Preserving Underground

When I first learned that Psyclon Nine was making their way to Pittsburgh, I knew this was something I absolutely could not miss. I decided to make it even more special by treating myself to the VIP experience. And it was definitely that.

Let me first mention about the meet and greet with Psyclon Nine. It was one of the best meet and greets I have experienced in all my life. It was super relaxed, everyone was chill. We mostly ended up talking about horror movies the whole time. For me, the unholy trinity was complete as this would be my third time running into Nero Bellum just within this year. I will say this completely set the tone of the night.


Then it was time for the show to begin, and to start us off, SamarA took the stage to introduce to grimy sludge metal with riffs and blast beats. It was the right way to let the crowd know this show was going to kick them in the ass. I definitely enjoyed their set and it was very head-banging inducing.

Corvin’s Breed


Next up was Corvin’s Breed who really impressed with their performance and music style. It was that perfect blend of gothic industrial music, and they had most of the crowd dancing to their tunes. I enjoyed what they had to offer and definitely wouldn’t mind seeing them again in the future.



Industrial metal band Guillotine took the stage next and they showed up in style. Their set was pretty heavy and they had an amazing stage presence. They left us with a Rammstein cover as well. I was very much into what they had to offer.

Clockwork Echo

This also being my third time seeing Clockwork Echo this year. They still do not disappoint with their sets that are high energy and music that encourages you to move. Every time, they just come out hard hitting and in your face. Completely cool and nice people, and it ended up setting the stage for what was to come.

Psyclon Nine

Finally, it was time for Psyclon Nine to send everyone straight to hell. It was very surreal hearing their older material being played live as it was my first time hearing this stuff live. They added some of their new songs as well. It was very high intensity, had the crowd dancing, and was very amazing seeing them live again. I was a very happy goth kid during their entire set.

As a whole, as this is one of my last big shows I’ll get to attend this year, this was a great way to wrap up an amazing year of concerts. I knew going in this night was going to be special, and it delivered on that. A perfect night that was well needed and more memories that was created

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla

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